Koujirou Saeki (pervigil) wrote,
Koujirou Saeki

One should joke in the face of adversity; there is always humor, we are told.

So, a series of haiku:

Yeah I lost my match
In the worst possible way
and now I am pissed

That guy is a prick
Seigaku better kill him
because he needs it.

Be sure to keep your
coaches in a place where balls
cannot hit them hard.

We did not manage to stop
Oji getting hit

So let this be a
lesson unto you, o team:
Hide Ryuuzaki.

[Good job dropping Nationals for the team, Koujirou, hn? Particularly proud of that 'losing temper on the court' thing.

... yare, yare. Know I'm not mad cause we lost. Just a game, and we've always made Nationals. They'll do better next year, have people who might be more together than we were.

Just mad because of Oji. Feel like I ...

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