Koujirou Saeki (pervigil) wrote,
Koujirou Saeki

Hot damn, that was badass.

Thanks to everyone who came to skydiving and dinner and everything. Since Bane got to be Barbie for his birthday, I'll throw in my own girly moment for the day: It was great to pop my proverbial skydiving cherry with all of you. Thank you, Inui, for providing everyone with the encouragement to jump.

[Jumped with Yuuta. Now I'm in love with the dive, too.

Hiyoshi's probably going to slit my throat while I'm asleep for pushing him off the plane, but if I hadn't done it, doubt he would have actually jumped.

Really, really proud of Sakuno for sticking through it, even though Kentaro and Kamio and Tomo screamed bloody murder the entire way down. ... thought I was going to laugh myself sick when Shinji got groped, though.

Yukimura and Fuji and Eiji had the best attidutes, though. Funny how the people most percieved as 'girly' by their looks end up having the most balls, hn?

And no matter what he says, know Barbie was scared shitless.]
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